I live in Claremont, California and serve the surrounding areas. To find out if I provide service in your area, please contact me.

There is no charge for our initial meeting. This meeting is used to get to know one another. The relationship between a mom and her doula is a unique one. As such, this initial meeting is crucial so that we may both ensure a good fit.

I offer my basic services at the rate of $1200.

This is a flat rate, regardless of the length of your labor.

Due to the current state of our economy, I understand that some parents-to-be may be especially strapped for cash. For these clients, I offer payment plans and possible rate reductions. If you are currently living below the poverty line, I may provide services to you at no charge. I am a firm supporter of DONA's Vision: "A doula for every woman who wants one." No woman should ever go without a doula simply because she cannot afford one.

Basic Services:

  • At least two prenatal visits (in addition to initial meeting/ interview) to: establish a rapport, get familiar with the birth plan or help create one, practice relaxation techniques and comfort positions.
  • Join mom at home to support her in early labor
  • Support transition to the hospital OR help get settled in for a home birth
  • Support mom and her partner
  • Encourage open communication between mom, her partner and her health care providers
  • Suggest comfort measures and help put them to use
  • Suggest ways for partner to support mom during labor
  • Gently remind mom of her vision for an ideal birth
  • Wholeheartedly support any decisions mom makes in the hospital
  • Emotionally and physically support mom while she pushes
  • Suggest ways for partner to support mom while she pushes
  • Take still photographs if you want me to, and if your health care provider allows it
  • Support mom immediately following birth
  • Support mom while she is breastfeeding (as needed)
  • At least one postpartum visit

Additional Services

Additionally, it must be acknowledged that some women, whether by choice or circumstance, do not have a partner to support them through their pregnancies. For these women, I offer additional services (fees vary):

  • Accompany mom to prenatal appointments
  • Attend childbirth education classes with mom
  • Discuss pregnancy books mom is reading
  • Accompany mom to shop for baby goods (clothes, furniture, etc.)
  • Assist mom in assembling baby's new furniture
  • Assist mom with housekeeping
  • Assist mom in planning a friends and family "help list" (cooking meals, walking dog, housework, help with other children) for the immediate postpartum period.